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GREAT goals – Review your challenges

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” 
—Jim Watkins

1314Note: This is Part 3 in a 7-part series called GREAT goals: How to get what you want this year!

In my last post, we looked at giving thanks for everything that is already going well in our lives. Today, we’ll look at what’s not going so well, so we can figure out what to do about it.

While Eckhart Tolle is right in saying we should live in the present, taking a brief look at how you got to where you currently are can help you to:

  • assess whether your goals for this year are still the same (or whether you want to change some based on your new beliefs and desires)
  • see what didn’t work (not so you can beat yourself up about it, but so you can figure out why, and what to do differently next time)
  • realize how much good can come from not getting what you want right away (and how perfect the Universe’s timing really is)
  • understand how far you’ve already come!

Simply follow these three steps:

1. Briefly review what you did not like about or did not accomplish last year. (While it’s important not to dwell on the negative, by reviewing your challenges and the goals you weren’t able to achieve, you can look for the gifts and lessons learned, turning negatives into positives and new intentions.)

2. Ask yourself:

  • What did I learn from my challenges that I can apply this year?
  • What were the blessings?
  • Did I come up against mental blocks that kept me from moving forward?
  • What could I do differently this year to move past these blocks/obstacles?
  • Am I making progress, and just being impatient with how long it’s taking?
  • Have my goals changed?
  • Which goals can I let go of, so that I can focus on what’s most important?

3. Decide:

  • What can I change this year?
  • What do I want instead?

To get a better understanding of what this looks like, here are some of the blessings I found in my challenges last year:

Bumpy friendships – I had some unexpected hiccups in some of my friendships, reminding me that relationships evolve over time and that not everyone is meant to be in our lives forever. I look back with fond memories at the friendships that have come to an end, and treasure even more the dear friends who are still in my life after many years…as well as the new amazing people who have just entered my life. I love you all!

Having a minor health issue – My kidney acted up again a few weeks ago, causing me a lot of pain and forcing me to not exercise for several weeks. While I dislike missing my workouts, it gave me some much-needed time to focus on my coaching business, and on spending time with my new boyfriend.

Having a delay in my contract – A recent corporate contract was delayed until after Christmas. While the extra cash would have come in handy at this time of year, it was most definitely a blessing as it gave me a few free days to get caught up on everything I needed to do for Christmas, so I could actually relax and enjoy the holidays with my boyfriend and children.

In my next post, we’ll “e-magine” the life we want to create for ourselves.

P.S. In the meantime, please share your thoughts below on the gifts you’ve gained from your challenges.

Karen Strang Allen

Karen Strang Allen is an empowerment coach for single women and mother of two. She is also the author of Free to be me: Create a life you love from the inside out! and international bestselling co-author of Unwavering Strength Volume 2. Widowed at 22 and separated at 35, Karen’s mission is to help single women feel great about themselves, turn their heartbreak into the best thing that ever happened to them, and create a life they love, so they become a magnet for their dream partner. Learn more about Karen and check out her free empowering resources at



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