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Limitless beliefs! How to get your thoughts working FOR you

Most of our thoughts and beliefs are automatic — we aren’t conscious of them. And yet, many don’t serve us. Like an outdated computer, our minds run on old programming — from our childhood and past experiences — that really needs to be updated.

A belief is simply a thought you think over and over. When you think it often enough, it becomes an ingrained pattern of thinking…something that you believe to be true. Beliefs are usually unconscious, but thankfully you can become conscious of them, which gives you the power to change them.

Learning to question your beliefs, where they came from, and whether they’re serving you is key to creating more positive, empowering beliefs.

Transforming your beliefs is like tending a garden or a lawn. You can plant tons of new seeds to create a more lush lawn, abundant vegetable garden, or beautiful flower garden. But if you ignore the weeds that crop up, they can overtake your new tender plants and prevent them from growing properly.

Similarly, if you decide what your goals are for your life and move ahead with trying to achieve them without uprooting your limiting beliefs, you can unknowingly sabotage your own efforts. Every time you encounter an obstacle, your doubts and fears will crowd out your positive intentions, making it harder to succeed.

To change your patterns and your reality, you must change your thoughts and learn to focus consistently on what you want so that you create more empowering beliefs (not on what you don’t want, which is what most of us do).

People often think “seeing is believing.” But really, the opposite is true. When you change what you believe, you start seeing and experiencing a new reality. Focus on what you want consistently, and you’ll create the reality you desire.

So how can you go about changing your beliefs?

PrintI am excited to announce that after months of preparation, I have finally published my Limitless Beliefs ebook, which you can now download in PDF format for free!

In this 25-page document, I will show you how to:

  • uncover your limiting beliefs
  • end repeat patterns
  • create limitless beliefs step-by-step
  • develop positive affirmations
  • deal with particularly stubborn beliefs

I also give you a template and show you examples of how to transform some of the most common limiting beliefs.

Grab your free Limitless Beliefs ebook!

❤ Karen


Karen Strang AllenKaren Strang Allen is an empowerment expert who helps women re-create themselves after a major life transition. She is also author of Free to be me: Create a life you love from the inside out! Karen helps her clients heal their hearts, discover their strengths and passions, and tap into their inner power. Karen’s mission is to help 1,000,000 women and girls turn their life’s challenges into the best thing that ever happened to them, so they can create joyful lives and share their unique gifts with others. Learn more about Karen and check out her free inspiring resources at www.karenstrangallen.comAsk for a free consult today!


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