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Do you keep attracting unhealthy relationships?

sad-girl-1555789_1280You’re an amazing person. You’re smart, independent and hard-working. You have a great personality and sense of humor. You give a lot in your relationships. And you really want a great partner who will give a lot back to you.

So why on earth do you keep attracting unhealthy relationships?

Your last partner was narcissistic and selfish. The one before that was abusive. The one before that cheated on you.

You know you’re stuck in a pattern of unhealthy relationships, but you don’t know why. You keep wondering … “Is there something wrong with me?”

I can assure you that—after years of studying unhealthy relationship patterns—there is nothing wrong with you. And you are not alone in your struggle to find a good partner. You are a truly wonderful person, and you deserve to find true love.

You are simply stuck in a pre-conditioned love pattern that was ingrained in your psyche when you were a child, and reinforced by the failed relationships you’ve had since. It’s like an old-fashioned record player whose needle is stuck in the same worn-out track.

The good news is, you can move your love needle. It does not need to remain stuck on repeat, playing the same old dreary love songs.

I remember in my 20s, I used to play sad love songs on the piano: “Alone,” “Waiting for You,” “Bad Timing.” Little did I realize that I was re-enforcing the very thing I didn’t want—an unhappy ending.

And so I had many unhappy endings. My first husband died of liver cancer. Then I dated a serial cheater. Then I married someone who was a really good person, but couldn’t connect emotionally. Then I dated someone who was extremely jealous and controlling. Over and over the record played, ending in me feeling like something must be really, really wrong with me.

But I know now that isn’t true. Many of the very best people remain single the longest and go through a series of unfulfilling relationships before finding true love. It’s not you. It’s a pattern. A pattern you can learn to understand and step out of.

Thankfully, once you become aware of your pattern, you can choose a happier song for your love story’s soundtrack.

uncover-your-hidden-blocksTo help you understand your pattern, I’d like to offer you a free gift called “Uncover your hidden blocks to love.” It can literally help you shave years off of finding your soulmate.

Access your free gift here

I know you deserve a great partner. And I truly believe you can find one. I hope this information helps you find what you’re looking for.

xo Karen


Karen Strang Allen

Empowerment expert Karen Strang Allen is committed to helping single women end the cycle of dead-end relationships and find true love. Karen has a Master of Journalism and is the author of Free to be me: Create a life you love from the inside out! She is the also international bestselling co-author of Unwavering Strength: Volume 2. She is certified in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP Canada), assertiveness coaching (Doreen Virtue), and success training (Jack Canfield).

Widowed at 22 and separated at 35, Karen knows from experience that heartbreak can be a tremendous catalyst for personal growth. Through one-on-one coaching, workshops and her signature Transform Your Life group program, Karen helps single women feel great about themselves, create a life they love, and attract a partner who will cherish them like the gift that they are!


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