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How to accomplish your goals this year!

IMG_1081I tend to get excited when January 1 rolls around…the new year brings with it so much promise for improvement and potential for change.

Every year, I set new goals for myself. And every year, I achieve some, but not all. And I’ve started noticing an interesting pattern with the goals I achieve vs. the goals I don’t.

When I don’t achieve a goal, it’s either because it wasn’t important enough to me, or because I got overwhelmed by how big a goal it was (i.e. how hard it would be to achieve).

When I do achieve a goal, it’s because I am very clearly focused on why I want it, and committed to getting there no matter what obstacles I face.

So if you’ve ever struggled to achieve your goals, here are a few tips to make this year the year you accomplish what you set out to do!

Tip #1: Know your why

Goals that stick are typically the ones where we are very connected to our reasons for why we are doing them. And our reasons are closely aligned with our values.

So before setting a new goal, get clear on what your values are, and why you want to achieve this goal. Focus on the positive benefits, and how you’ll feel…not only once you’ve achieved the goal, but as you’re working towards it (i.e. what mood/state do you need to be in to achieve the goal?).

As an example, last year was a challenging health year for me as I faced adrenal burnout and gained weight, so this year I really want to have my best health year ever. This goal is important to me because I really value my health and living a healthy lifestyle, and I want to model for my kids and clients what being active and healthy looks like. To get there, I’ll need to tap into feelings of vitality, strength and energy.

Tip #2: Commit to what you want

It’s also critical to not just set a goal, but commit to achieving it. You must decide that you want this no matter what, and will do whatever it takes to get there. You have to make the pleasure of getting where you want to go greater than the pain of the work to get there.

For my fitness goal, I remember how great it felt to feel good in my clothes, to feel my muscles in action as I played sports, to run without jiggling. J So I’m making that more important than the extra exercise I’ll need to do and food I’ll need to cut back on. And I’m helping myself remember my commitment by posting a colourful tracking sheet in my office, so I can add fun stickers to the days when I work out and/or make good health choices. I’m also putting up a picture of me in my best shape a few years ago, so I can remember what I’m trying to achieve on those days when I feel less motivated.

Tip #3: Mind the gap

When you’re working towards a goal, especially a big goal, it’s important to “mind the gap,” as Jack Canfield says. In other words, don’t focus on how far you have to go to achieve your goal. Instead, focus on how far you’ve already come.

For example, I could easily beat myself up for the fact that I’ve gained over 10 pounds in the past year, and feel overwhelemed by how much work it will take to lost that excess weight. But that will just put me in a negative headspace and lower my energy, making it much harder to achieve my goal of getting back in shape (and into my pants) this year.

Instead, it’s far more helpful to acknowledge how much progress I’ve made with my health overall in the past 10 years…eating more healthy foods, eliminating dairy and gluten, clearing 80% of my allergies, re-balancing my hormones, exercising regularly, running a marathon, becoming a solid athlete and team player.

From that space of positivity (and gratitude for everything my body allows me to do), I can focus on my goal and enjoy the new steps forward I take this year. It’s a much, much different energy! J

Tip #4: Take it one step at a time

Once you’ve set a goal and feel good about working towards it, it’s important to break it down into manageable steps, with rewards after every step and once you reach your goal.

Breaking it down makes it easier to move forward without becoming overwhelmed, and to acknowledge each positive step we’re taking.

In my case, I’m focusing first on getting back into a regular exercise routine (then I’ll be turning my focus to what I’m eating). I’m rewarding myself for going to the gym by spending 10 minutes in the sauna after each workout. And my bigger reward for will be going clothes shopping once I lose 10 pounds!

Tip #5: Make it fun!

Working towards your goals should be fun, not a chore. It’s just as important to enjoy the ride as to reach your destination.

So whatever your goal is, find ways to make it fun for you, and to celebrate your successes!

For example, I’m making getting back in shape more fun in the following ways:

  • Doing micro workouts and playing JustDance with my kids (they love it!)
  • Trying fun new group fitness classes (variety and novelty motivate me)
  • Taking Zumba classes (I love to dance so it doesn’t feel like work)
  • Exercising outdoors when the weather permits (I’m a nature nut)
  • Taking my kids skiing, skating, rollerblading, etc.

The important thing is to know yourself and do things you enjoy, not try to force yourself to do things you really don’t want to (that is hard to sustain work long-term).

I hope these tips have helped, and that you are feeling excited about beginning a new year. I wish you tremendous love, joy and abundance in the year ahead!

Share your thoughts!

What goals are you setting this year? What has helped you achieve your goals in the past? Please share your tips/comments below!

Resources for further learning

If you would like to kick-start your year, I invite you to attend my free online masterclass on January 2, called Your most awesome year ever!

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