Posted by: silverliningsblog | April 13, 2019

When you wish upon a star…finding the love you long for

There’s a big difference between longing for something, and setting a conscious intention to have it.

Let me explain…

Many of the women I work with have been hurt. Badly. Hurt by people they thought would love them. Betrayed, abused, and rejected by the ones they entrusted their heart and soul to.

And now they are afraid of the same thing happening again.

So they stop trying. Stop hoping. Stop dreaming.

They tell themselves it’s better to accept their fate than to feel the pain of wanting more, and never having it.

This truly breaks my heart. It breaks my heart to see someone giving up on what they really want, because they no longer believe it’s possible.

Don’t get me wrong…I completely support a woman’s empowered choice to be happy on her own. In fact, I encourage my clients and friends to spend time being single…to learn how to stand on their own two feet, and create a life they love, and learn how to make themselves happy. For it’s from this place of empowerment that happy, healthy, conscious relationships are created.

And some people are truly happier on their own. But many people…if they are admitting what their heart is calling them towards…really want a loving, committed relationship.

The challenge is, when you really really want something, but you think it’s out of your reach, it feels painful. And no one likes pain. So we tell ourselves we didn’t really want it anyway.

But denying our true desires is not the path to enlightenment, or true happiness.

Because when we see that cute old couple holding hands on the park bench…or when we attend our uncle and aunt’s 50th wedding anniversary…or when we watch a new couple exchange wedding vows, we feel a pang of envy in our hearts. And that’s telling us that we want something more.

Sure, one way to deal with the gap between what you want and where you currently are is to tell yourself you don’t want anything. There is some wisdom in enjoying the present moment just as it is, regardless of our current circumstances.

AND there is truth in the fact that human beings are wired for progress…to want more. And we’re wired for connection…to want love.

Now romantic love is certainly not the only form of connection…but it’s a form that many people want. And if you are one of the ones secretly wanting it, but pretending you don’t, you’re doing yourself a disservice. And you’re doing the person eagerly looking for someone like you a disservice.

If what you really, truly want is a committed relationship, the answer is not to say (as so many of the women I work with do), “I’m not really looking, but if it happens, it happens.”

I hate to be frank here, but that energy is not the energy that will draw your ideal partner to you. Prince Charming is not going to suddenly ride up to your doorstep while you’re hiding away watching Netflix in your PJs. You have to decide you want it. And open the door to the possibility.

An awesome client of mine reminded me today of the song “When you wish upon a star,” and I looked up the lyrics. Generally, I prefer to encourage people to set an intention for what they want, not to “wish” for it (wishing usually implies passivity).

But the song actually does get it right when it says “If your heart is in your dream, no request is too extreme.” If you want something, and your heart is in it (i.e. you believe you can have it), then anything really is possible.

If, on the other hand, you long for something but don’t believe it’s possible, it can’t come your way. Not because you’re not good enough or don’t deserve it. But because you’re blocking it energetically (longing is a focus on the lack of something, not the presence of it).

So if what you really want is love, how do you attract that?

By changing your belief that it’s possible. And trusting that you can have it. And knowing that your past experience doesn’t need to repeat itself, once you’ve moved beyond it. And choosing to believe there are good people out there.

So if what you really want is to find love, stop pretending you don’t just to make yourself feel better. Embrace your desire. Open to the possibility.

And if you need a little help doing this, then I invite you to join me for the Soulmate Attraction Summit, a special live transformational event on May 4-5 that will help you believe in love again.

This is truly a life-changing event, the only one of its kind in Canada (and the only time I’ll be holding it this year). You are being offered a tremendous opportunity to change your “fate” and fulfill your dream of finding love…please don’t miss your chance.

Take a step towards what you want…and watch the magic happen.

You deserve love. And you can have what you want. I hope you will join me so I can show you how.

❤ Karen 

P.S. Use the special discount code SASFRIENDS for $100 off the current (already low) ticket price…but only until Friday, April 19. (And only until we run out of seats…we are almost 70% sold out already.)


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