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The power of self-care

“Self-care” has become a catchphrase of the modern era, yet I’m not sure it’s well understood.

Often self-care gets misunderstood as self-indulgence…letting yourself have and do whatever you want whenever you want it, whether it’s good for you or not. Self-indulgence often leads to self-sabotage… working against yourself and your own goals.

Self-care is much deeper than giving in to your whims of the moment…it’s about learning to give to your body, mind and spirit the same level of care you would to a child who is in your charge. And that means sometimes doing things you don’t really want to do…because you know it’s good for you and will benefit you in the long run.

We often want from others what we’re not willing to give to ourselves. That is why self-care is so important…it’s learning to prioritize our own health, wellbeing and happiness as highly as we prioritize others…and not self-sacrificing our wellbeing in the name of “love.”

Caring for your body

One aspect of self-care is caring for your body, treating it with the love and respect it deserves (the same love and respect you want others to treat you with).

This includes:

  • Eating healthy food
  • Drinking enough water daily
  • Exercising / moving your body regularly
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Giving yourself time to rest and recharge

Caring for your body also includes learning how to self-soothe…to regulate your emotions and calm your nervous system when you’re feeling upset.

This may include:

  • Breathing deeply
  • Walking in nature or practicing yoga
  • Meditating
  • Comforting yourself with warm clothes, blankets, tea, soup
  • Getting a massage or energy work to help release stress hormones

Caring for your mind

The second element of self-care is caring for your mind. This includes becoming more aware of both the thoughts you think daily and the information you are consuming.

Some ways to better care for your mind include:

  • Releasing negative thoughts and emotions through journaling
  • Taking in positive music, podcasts, books, movies, TV shows
  • Learning something new that interests you
  • Tapping into your creative side
  • Setting goals and practicing affirmations

Caring for your spirit

The third element of self-care is taking care of your spirit…the emotional and spiritual aspect of you that is more than just a human body.

Some ways to care for your spirit include:

  • Connecting to source energy through prayer, meditation, spiritual community
  • Getting out in nature
  • Writing what you’re grateful for in a gratitude journal
  • Connecting with people you find uplifting
  • Donating time or money to causes you believe in

The interesting thing about self-care is that the better we treat ourselves, the better others start to treat us too. And even if they don’t, you’ll be well looked after because YOU are taking care of you and making your wellbeing a real priority in your own life. This will allow you to stand in your power and make better relationship choices…surrounding yourself only with those who care for you the way you do.

Take good care of yourself…because you’re worth it!

xo Karen


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