About Karen Strang Allen

Welcome to my blog!

I am a single mother of two teens, as well as an author, speaker, love coach, and CEO of EmpowHer Academy. I have a Master of Journalism and have spent nearly two decades studying and writing about personal development and relationships.


I grew up on a stretch of Trans Canada Highway in (very) rural New Brunswick. A true nature nut, I spent much of my childhood climbing maple trees, helping my father in his garden, and riding my bike around our 200-acre property.

My three siblings and I didn’t have much by way of material things – our clothes were hand-me-downs and we didn’t even have a VCR until after I left for university. But we had home-grown organic vegetables, a baseball diamond and bonfire pit in our backyard, a beach only a few kilometers away, and tons of room to run and play and breathe fresh air.

At 17, I left home to go to university and get an undergraduate arts degree. A few years later I met and married a wonderful man, who died of cancer only a few months after our wedding. Losing my best friend and partner shook me to the core and caused me to begin my spiritual quest for meaning.

At 22, I moved to Ottawa to pursue a Master of Journalism, while struggling through two years of depression (losing my partner and moving away from everyone I knew in the same year proved to be a bit too much). Thankfully, I got help and came out the other side with a degree and a new lease on life. I climbed the ladder of success in communications, made new friends, remarried, had two beautiful children, and bought a four-bedroom single home in Kanata. To many outside observers, I “had it all.”

But I couldn’t shake a feeling of restlessness and discontent. While my husband was a good man, I wasn’t happy in my marriage. And while I made good money, I wasn’t doing something that made a difference in the world. So I started soul searching, reading and learning about the mind-body-spirit connection. I took courses in meditation, yoga, energy healing, and “finding your life purpose.”

Then in 2009, I took a leap of faith (and a leave without pay from my government job) to start up a writing consulting business. That same year, my husband and I decided to separate, after many years of trying to make two incongruent puzzle pieces fit.


Over the past decade, I have created two successful businesses, a beautiful home and a great relationship with my kids. I started dating again, met some wonderful guys and figured out what I wanted in love. I expanded my network of friends and had a ton of fun doing cool things like zip-lining, go-kart racing, and white water rafting. 

I now own a very successful coaching business, working from home and delivering online programs to women across North America. I spend lots of quality time with my kids, have an active social life, and have learned how to nurture myself. Best of all, I love the work I do and the amazing women I get to coach.

Long story short, I love the life I have created for myself, and I want to help you create a life you love too!

If you had told me twenty years ago that I’d be living in Ottawa, an entrepreneur, widowed and divorced, I could not have imagined it.  It’s funny the twists and turns our lives take. As someone who likes to have a plan, I’ve discovered that you can’t always know what’s coming next…but you can learn how to adapt and thrive, even in difficult circumstances.

Life is a ride, isn’t it? I look forward to sharing some of my discoveries as an empowered single woman with you!


  1. Love the honesty and thoughtfulness that you’ve put into this description of you, Karen!

    I can really relate to you speaking about if we could have looked ahead at our lives, and not being able to predict how things are now. And liking to have a plan (TOTALLY me), and having to let go of that. I always thought you had a good “sense of self” in university. Nice to see you haven’t lost that, and that it has only strengthened 🙂

    • Thanks Jen! I think the same of you…and no doubt you can relate, given the challenges of your life. I’m always amazed at how well you handle things, and am inspired by your courage and grace. Nice to know we’re all in it together, hey? :o)

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