About Silver Linings

Sunrise over dock

There is a silver lining in every day

It was during one of the hardest periods of my life that I came upon the true meaning of “silver linings.”

My husband and first true love had just died of liver cancer, and I had moved from rural New Brunswick to the “big city” of Ottawa to study journalism at Carleton University. It was an extremely challenging and gruelling program, and I struggled to make friends in a city where I knew almost no one, at a time where I didn’t feel particularly good about myself or about life.

A few months into my studies, I noticed that I could no longer run – I didn’t have the energy. In fact, I could barely climb stairs without being winded, and I had little desire to get out of bed in the morning. Nothing interested me, and everything seemed to require far too much effort.

I knew I was in trouble the day I dropped the screw cap to the orange juice on the floor, and burst into tears because I didn’t have to energy to bend over and pick it up. I went to a doctor and was diagnosed with depression.

Fall sunset

Beauty surrounds us…we just have to open our eyes and look

I considered dropping out of university, but wasn’t sure what else I would do. One day, in desperation, I called a former beloved professor from St. Thomas University, Roger Moore. I told him I thought I wanted to quit, and he said if I quit this, it would get easier and easier to quit everything else in life. I said I had no idea how to get through even one more day, and he said, “just look for the silver lining in every day.”

I know that advice may seem too simplistic, but I have to say it was my saving grace and still is when I’m going through a challenging time. The more I look for the blessings in my life, the more blessings I realize I already have. And in every difficulty, there is always some kind of gift/positive side, even if at first it is hard to see.

Sun and orb

When you look at something from a new vantage point, it’s amazing what you’ll see!

This blog is about finding the silver linings in every day. I have been wanting to start it for a long time, but hesitated because, let’s face it, putting one’s own life on paper for others to see and judge is a nerve-wracking endeavour. But I really believe we all face similar challenges and difficulties in life, and that our struggles would be less if we knew others shared them, and better yet, overcame them.

I have never been a big reader of fiction, because I find real life too interesting. I am fascinated by the world and love trying to figure out why things happen and why people do what they do. I enjoy using my own life as an experiment, to see if the spiritual principles I read about actually work, and figure out how they can be applied in everyday life by regular folks like us.

I hope what I write about helps you to find the silver linings in your days too.

Note: While I hope this information will help you on your life’s journey, my words are not a substitute for professional help. I do not have a degree in psychology, nor am I a doctor or a social worker. If you are suffering from depression, addiction, or some other mental or physical illness, or if you are in an abusive situation, please get professional help.

I have a counsellor who got me through my toughest days after the death of my husband, and she still gives me wonderful, objective advice today to help me sort through my problems. There is no shame in getting help: many people do it. And frankly, you deserve it. What better an investment can you make than in your own health and happiness?

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