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Your 2020 vision

The beginning of a new year is a time of rebirth, when we get to decide what we want to let go of, and what new things we want to create. It’s a time of renewed hope and faith, the opportunity to leave past mistakes and challenges behind, and begin again.

2020 is a very exciting year, because it’s not only the start of a new year, but of a new decade. This gives us the perfect opportunity to take stock of what’s happened in the past 10 years, and what we want to have happen in the next 10.

So let’s harness some of that “fresh new start” energy as we head into 2020, and create a vision for the life we want to live!

Taking stock

Sometimes we’re so intent on getting somewhere that we miss the journey along the way. So let’s take stock of our journey over the past decade.

Think back to where you were at the beginning of 2010, and ask yourself these questions:

  • What major life events happened in the past decade?
  • What happened in your career, at home, in your relationships?
  • What challenges did you overcome?
  • How have you grown?
  • What did you accomplish that you’re proud of?
  • What new people entered your life?
  • How has your life changed since 2010?

Now think about where you are now:

  • What are you not happy about?
  • What are you grateful for?

Creating your 2020 vision

Getting what you want in life doesn’t just happen by accident. It requires creating a conscious intention for what you want, aligning your energy and belief systems with that new possibility, and then taking steps to create it.

As we begin a new year and a new decade, think about what you’d like to have happen. What you identified in the last section that you’re not happy about is what you want to change. What you identified you are happy about is what you want to keep/continue.

Knowing this, write about:

  • What you want to have happen in 2020.
  • Where you’d like to be in your life by 2030.

It helps to simply write freehand at first, and not worry about organizing your thoughts. Just write down anything that comes to mind, that makes you feel joyful, excited, at peace. Include words that describe what you want, and how good it will feel when you get it. Or if you’re a visual person, clip photos out of magazines or online that represent what you most want.

Once you’ve done this, you can organize your goals into 1-year, 5-year and 10-year goals. (See GREAT goals for more help with the goal-setting process.)

The key to accomplishing big goals is to break your goals down into bite-sized, manageable (and measurable) steps. Then take action daily to move towards them, one step at a time.

Enjoy the journey

As you move towards the horizon of your 2020 vision, it’s important to focus on the progress you’re making, not on how far you have to go.

If you focus on the distance between where you are and where you want to be, you’ll psych yourself out and give up before you start. If instead, you write down and celebrate each small step you take and every milestone you reach, and write about it in a daily gratitude journal, your momentum and excitement will build, and it will be easier to see how you’re moving towards what you want.

Too often, we’re in such a rush to get somewhere that we don’t look around and enjoy the scenery as we go. 10 years ago, as I moved into my new home, my kids were 2 and 4. It felt overwhelming to be a single parent of two littles. Now they are 12 and 14…I blinked and they were grown! I feel like I missed enjoying some of that period, so now I’m relishing every moment I have with them before they’re gone. By this time in 2030, they’ll be finished university and likely living on their own, possibly with families of their own.

So as you move towards your goals, be sure to enjoy the ride…because you can experience joy and accomplishment long before you actually reach your destination. Watch a child in the lead-up to Christmas, and you’ll know exactly what I mean. That’s the energy you want to be in as you work towards your vision…an energy of eagerness, excitement, anticipation.

And don’t get too attached to exactly when the things you want show up. There’s nothing worse than being in a car with a child who keeps saying “Are we there yet? It’s taking too long!” It totally takes the joy out of a road trip. (And out of dating, for those of us who are single!)

Keep moving towards your goals and they will manifest, when they’re meant to. It may be next year, or the year after. As long as you remain in the energy of anticipation of your goal’s arrival (“I can’t wait until it gets here!”), you’ll not only feel joyful when it finally manifests, but you’ll have fun along the way too.


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What are your goals for the next year / next decade?

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Karen Strang Allen is a love and empowerment coach for single women. She is the author of Free to be me: Create a life you love from the inside out! and international bestselling co-author of Unwavering Strength Volume 2. Widowed at 22 and separated at 35, Karen’s mission is to help single women feel great about who they are and create a life they love so they attract their dream partner. Learn more about Karen and check out her free empowering resources and workshops at


  1. Good advice. On New Years Eve and the following day, I reviewed accomplishments for the past year, wrote my 2020 goals / priorities, and drew a basic map for my five-year plan. Ten years seems a long stretch for this kid, except I hope to be experiencing a healthy retirement by then. Enjoying the ride, the scenery and company along the way. Thank you.

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